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Dear KodályHUB Users,

To celebrate the new functions in the Musicbook, we have a nice offer for you.

The Kodály Institute in Kecskemét will give a 50% discount for one of its Spring term online course (choice of the winners) to 3 users who upload the most records into the Musicbook between now and the 8th January 2022. The records must be approved and online to be counted. The records can be uploaded in any of the categories.

We care about our precious users and listen to their opinion and suggestions. Therefore we happily announce that new functions (below) are now available in the Move mi Music app.

We wanted make sure that the Move mi Music app can be used in more countries and in more platforms. After working hard, we are happy to announce that the app is now available for MacBook users through its appstore and in the Microsoft Windows app store as well.

The Kodály HUB, our online knowledge centre extended its features within the MUSICBOOK (previously known as Songbook).

Users now can classify their material into three categories: SONGS, MUSIC LISTENING and CHORAL MUSIC when uploading them to the MUSICBOOK, that contains analysed musical materials with pedagogical and teaching tips.


The Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music has launched a thoroughly revised and restructured English-language edition of Pál Kardos’s unique book on choral intonation. Available under the title Pál Kardos: Intonation and Vocal Training in Choir through the Bookshop of the Kodály Institute.

Enjoy a one-month summer promotion of 20%* for the widely acknowledged teacher app Move mi Music and start the new school year in September equipped with new skills to deliver joyful and engaging music lessons in the classroom.

The latest publication of the Kodály Institute is a much-needed, long-awaited project by a former professor of our Institute, the internationally renowned Lilla Gábor. “Kodály’s Principles in the Perspective of the 21st Century – Based on Zoltán Kodály’s Writings and Speeches” is aimed for all those who wish to delve into the authentic sources: the complexity of Kodály’s vision in his own words.  


Despite of massive improvement in the Covid-19 situation, the International Kodály Seminar will still go on-line this summer. The feed-backs from the last year's Seminar helped to formulate a really exciting programme with 

– more musicianship classes on different levels

– wider range of methodology classes

– games, digital techniques & vocal warm-up

– individual voice & piano classes

– miscellaneous topics

A 5-strong project consortium led by the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy has been awarded a significant funding of ~270.000€ through the Erasmus+ ‘Strategic Partnerships Call in Response to Covid-19’.


The two-year long project called ‘PRESTO: Practices and Resources for Equipping Schools to Teach Music Online’ started on the last week of April, 2021. The consortium will develop multimedia resources and best-practice guidance for remote music teaching in the school sector in the areas of classroom-based music, instrumental music, and choral music.

Together with choral, university and entrepreneur partners from Finland (Caprice Oy, the owner of Minifiddlers who offers the Colourstrings courses), from Scotland (NYCoS, the National Youth Choir of Scotland), and from Ireland (Sing Ireland, the leading choir association of Ireland and the School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music of DCU), this wonderful team will work to provide innovative solutions for building resilience and flexibility into a sector whose activities have been gravely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the Project Card from the Erasmus+ Project Result Platform: 

Are you considering studying in the Kodály Institute or planning to send a student of yours to study there?

Here are the latest information about the study options in the 2021/22 Academic Year for prospective students: