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This guide contains the most important privacy policy information of KodályHUB.

  1. Introduction:
  1. We would like to inform you that the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music (hereinafter referred to as: Liszt Academy, seat: Hungary - 1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 8., represented by Dr. Andrea Vigh, President, and Attila Bertalan Kotán, Chancellor; web: ) as  data controller  will ensure that it meets
  • the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on information self-determination and freedom of information (hereinafter referred to as Info Act.), as well as
  • the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as: GDPR) and the additional related legal requirements, so that you can be reassured that we handle your personal data employing the greatest possible level of security, and serving your best interest.
  1. The contact information for the Liszt Academy's data protection officer is here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
  2. Please note that regarding data processing herein the data manager  is:

    (an administrative unit of the Liszt Academy)
    Headquarters: 6001 Kecskemét, Kéttemplom köz 1.
    Director: Dr. László Norbert Nemes
    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  1. We would like inform you that the basic functions of KodályHUB are available to guest users, as well. In that case, no separate registration is necessary, therefore no personal information of guest users is processed.
  1. The main services of KodályHUB are available to registered users only, and access to them requires login.

You agree to the processing of your data at the time of registration through the KodályHUB interface. 

The scope of the processed data and the purpose of data processing:

 Basic information:[1] 

name (surname and given name)[2] 

The name of the person registering through the KodályHUB interface is mandatory. The purpose of data processing is to identify that person.


The username is indispensably for identifying the registered user in the database.


The password is for secure access to the user's account.

e-mail address[3]

The e-mail address is indispensable for identifying the registered user in the database.

Additionally, it enables communication within the Kodály HUB community.

 KodályHUB profile - data: 


This information helps to build the cartographic database for of the geographic statistical survey of KodályHUB.

city *

This information is processed to maintain contact and to be used for statistical analysis.


It is inspiring for the creators of KodályHUB to know that Kodály's principles and the Kodály method reaches people of many nationalities. (statistical purpose)


Registered users communicate information about themselves to each other with this data, but otherwise it serves statistical purposes.

type of school*

Registered users communicate information about themselves to each other with this data, but otherwise it serves statistical purposes.


Emphasizing the social network feature of the service, the users may also upload a profile photo, at their own discretion (communication purpose).


Legal Ground for Data Management:

Your freely given and explicit consent, which is demonstrably maintained (logged) by the Liszt Academy. [GDPR Article 6 Paragraph (1) Point a)]

The period for which the data is stored and processed:

 The Liszt Academy processes your personal data until you withdraw your consent, that is, until you delete your profile. In case you run into any technical difficulties during the process, you may also withdraw your consent by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

The act of withdrawal of the consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on the consent before its withdrawal.

Access to data:

The personal data provided by you is accessible only by the staff members of the Kodály Zoltán Musical Pedagogy Institute directly involved in the KodályHUB project, strictly within the context of their work and duties.

Please note that by registering, the provided data (name, country, city, occupation, type of school, photo) becomes searchable information on the interface, therefore all registered users of the service from all over the world can see your profile.  In other words, the data disclosed on KodályHUB is accessible to all other users. 

Data security measures:

  1.  KodályHUB is a software that is technologically and otherwise compliant with current data protection rules, specifically the regulations of the Info Act and the GDPR, as well as information and data security criteria.
  2. The Liszt Academy stores the personal data provided by you on its servers. (1077 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 52.) The Liszt Academy does not employ the services of other businesses to store your personal data.
  3. The Liszt Academy employs a data processor to manage the data of KodályHUB, who ensures in a data processing contract that GDPR-compliant IT systems/programs are used to implement the task: András Handler, individual entrepreneur (seat: 12072 Zsámbék Diófa utca 2/B, Hungary; registration number: 35536931).
  4. The Liszt Academy takes appropriate measures to protect your personal data against, inter alia, unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration thereof. In addition to regulation, it also technologically assures that personal data are only accessed to the extent necessary, only by authorized persons, and by the persons and users described in this this document.
  5. The system is protected by a multi-level access control system. The data are stored on the server all through, and not on the operators' computers. The Liszt Academy uses an up-to-date and strict firewall to prevent unauthorized external access, and performs the duties of supervising its IT systems.
  6. The Liszt Academy does everything in its power to prevent personal data breaches, otherwise it will respond to the breach within the time period set in the GDPR and its internal regulations (within 72 hours), and it will also make the appropriate announcements.
  7. The Liszt Academy commissions testing of the effectiveness of its technical and organizational measures taken to guarantee the security of data processing, on a regular basis.

 Your data management rights: 

 You may request the following from the Liszt Academy 

1.  access to your personal data,

- you have the right to request information in writing concerning the processing of your personal information, and if such processing is in progress, you have the right to know what personal data is processed; what the legal basis for the processing is; for what purpose the data is processed; and for how long the data is processed by the Liszt Academy.

- The Liszt Academy provides a copy of the personal information subject to the data processing at your request free of charge for the first time; at any subsequent occasions a reasonable fee might be charged to cover administrative costs.

- In order to meet data security requirements and to protect the rights of the person in question, the Academy is obliged to ensure that the identity of the person in question and the person who wishes to exercise their right to access data match, therefore the condition for providing information, accessing data, and issuing a copy thereof is the verification of the identity of the person in question.

2. any corrections thereof

- you may request in writing that the Liszt Academy modify any of your personal data. 

3.  deleting  or restricting the processing thereof

- you may request in writing the deleting of the personal data processed in line with your consent

- you may request in writing that the Liszt Academy lock your personal data (by clearly indicating that data access is limited and ensuring that the restricted information is processed separately from other data). The locking stays in effect as long as the reason for it indicated by the person in question necessitates the storage of the data.

4. and you may object to processing such personal data,

- you may object to the data processing in case the Liszt Academy wants to your personal data for scientific research.

5. you may also request information at any time about the processing of your personal data.

 Staff members of the Liszt Academy will respond as soon as possible, but no later than 15 days of receiving the request.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The best way to exercise your right to modify or delete data is by logging into your KodályHUB account and modifying or deleting your personal data.

Enforcement of your rights related to data processing:

  1. In case of a complaint about data processing please contact the data protection officer of the Liszt Academy, who will investigate the procedure in question. (Contact information:
  2. If you consider that the Academy has abused your personal data, you may also turn to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. (seat: H-1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 9-11. Hungary. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Website:  Phone: +36 (1) 391 1400)
  3. In the event of experiencing unlawful data processing you may refer the data controller to the court. The case will be given priority in court.

 Updated: 15 January, 2023 

 [1] Mandatory for registration.

[2] The registered name is displayed on the interface the KodályHUB Community.

[3] ! Your e-mail address is not public, it is not visible on your profile. If someone tries to contact you, you receive a system notification and it is up to you to contact the person!


About Kodályhub

The Kodály HUB is a public on-line Knowledge Centre in which a Musicbook, a Community, a Calendar and further resources are available to assist teachers in their everyday work. The Songbook contains several hundred songs and music listening materials from all over the world. The songs are analysed using many key, searchable parameters and (when relevant) accompanied by a game or movement activity to support the teaching objectives and increase the enjoyment of the lesson. 

The Kodály HUB was created under an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Programme Kodály HUB - Sing. Learn. Share.

In 2019, 2020, 2021, the maintenance of the Kodály HUB has been supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary and the "Everyday Singing" programme of the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary, the fee of the logo registration was covered by the National Research and Development Office of Hungary.

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