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Music is Your Body - SO-System (SZO-Method)

"The characteristics of a good musician are: a well-trained ear, a well-trained mind, a well-trained heart, and a well-trained hand. All four parts must develop together in constant equilibrium." (Zoltán Kodály)

The SO-System (SZO-Method), developed by Prof. Orsolya Szabó concert pianist, and professor of Liszt Academy of Music and its Kodály Institute, is a holistic approach through a RELATIVE MOVEMENT SYSTEM to accomplish what Kodály believed in. Taught under the subject name "Music is Your Body" since 1994, hundreds of instrumental and music pedagogy students from all over the world have benefited from the well-structured curriculum of the method. It was Kodály's main belief that prior to start any instrumental study, pupils must have at least one-year preparatory ear-training, singing, and rhythm exercises (solfége). The Music is Your Body is analysing the movements of the player and also what the music itself does. It teaches to learn mindful awareness of musical movements, first without the instrument, second with the guidance of the score (the so-called choreography picture of the score), and third with playing the instrument.  It works in complexity with attention, focusing on the activity, and trains the ability of mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual skills of the player in order to not just train the inner hearing, but the sensation of the inner movement of the muscles to carry yourself with confidence! Being mindful opens you up to recognise your movements, shows the fresh ways of doing things, reduces stress, and increases your enjoyment of music IN MIND without an instrument and movements of whole-body sensation WITH THE INSTRUMENT. 

AWARENESS allows us to get outside of our minds and observe it in action.

The Music is Your Body is a university course, but in the PRESTO materials you see the outcome of the once-a-time masterclasses that Prof. Szabó delivered for secondary school pupils, with whom she met for the first time in group lessons and one-to-one training. The pupils have just returned to offline teaching after long and stressful months of being taught online. The greatest challenge, therefore, was to interfere with the individuals' personal sphere en route to the best sound via expressing a helpful and useful opinion for the sake of stressless and joyful artistic expression.

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