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REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Kodály Seminar 2020, Special Edition marking the 50th anniversary of the first seminar in Kecskemét. Shifted to an on-line mode, the legendary Kodály Summer Seminar invites all of you from July 20 to 24 and from July 27 to 31, 2020.

Registration is now open!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year you can register for carefully selected on-line modules of musicianship, methodology, choral literature, piano and piano pedagogy and voice and voice pedagogy. The lessons will be held by celebrated Hungarian and international Kodály experts, the dates have been set that participants from both the Americas, the Far East or Australia could easily join.

The number of places are limited, and the "first-come - first served" rule will be applied. Register now! Details can be found under this link.