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The National Youth Choir of Scotland education team is keen to help teachers, parents and children who are unable to go to schools, music lessons or to do any joint musical activity, as a consequence of the isolation rules in the current coronavirus pandemic. 

For several weeks now, they have been posting songs, musical games and activities that you can play at home (and later in school) without contact, to keep developing your musicianship skills and also to have fun!  



Karen Geoghegan, an instructor for both NYCOS and the RCS is creating the daily videos. Alongside her recordings you will find a description of the games, the lyrics of the songs, age recommendations and references to resources.

International Kodály Certificate Programme


About Kodályhub

The Kodály HUB is a public on-line Knowledge Centre in which a Songbook, a Community, a Calendar and further resources are available to assist teachers in their everyday work. The Songbook contains several hundred songs and music listening materials from all over the world. The songs are analysed using many key, searchable parameters and (when relevant) accompanied by a game or movement activity to support the teaching objectives and increase the enjoyment of the lesson. The uploading of any new material is open to all new community members thus ensuring the continuous development and enrichment of the music repertory.

The Kodály HUB was created under an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Programme Kodály HUB - Sing. Learn. Share.

In 2019, 2020, 2021, the maintenance of the Kodály HUB has been supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary and the "Everyday Singing" programme of the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary, the fee of the logo registration was covered by the National Research and Development Office of Hungary.

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