Committee: Mary Place – Chairman (UK), Helga Dietrich (Hun),
Kelly Foster-Griffin (USA), Gail Godfrey [Aust), Mary Stouffer (Can)
Under the auspices of the International Kodály Society

The Committee is delighted to announce the seventh Presentation of the International Katalin Forrai Award.

Naomi Chinen [Japan], and Christiane Pineau [France] received the Award at the first Presentation. Dr Ilona Groh Gállne [Hungary], and Sr. Lorna Zemke [USA] received the Award at the second Presentation, Ewa Krzatala Canada] received the Award at the third Presentation, Gail Godfrey [Australia] received the Award at the fourth Presentation, Anne Lindeberg-Piiroinen [Finland] received the Award at the fifth Presentation, Judith Johnson [Australia] and Dominika Lenska [Poland] received the Award at the sixth Presentation.

Further information about these events and about the Award may be found by visiting the Newsletter on the website of the International Kodály Society [].

The seventh Presentation will take place during 2025. The successful nominee will be offered the choice of where the Award Ceremony will take place. The options are : 1, during the 27th International Kodály Society Symposium; 2, at a suitable occasion in the recipient’s own country.

The purpose of the Award is to commemorate the worldwide contribution to the Music Education of young children made by Katalin Forrai during her lifetime. It is also to encourage, inspire and reward teachers in Early Years, Nursery and Kindergarten settings throughout the world who are contributing  to her legacy through their work with children and teachers today. 

The Award will comprise a certificate and an ornamental owl which symbolises Kati’s great wisdom. £200 will also be given to the successful recipient to help with expenses involved in attending the Presentation.

Nominees will

  • Be nominated by two people
  • Have a minimum of 10 years teaching experience
  • Show commitment to, and evidence of, success in implementing and practising the beliefs of the late Katalin Forrai
  • Have experience of working in different nursery/kindergarten/pre-school/Early Years/Foundation stage settings and /or different age groups within the same setting.

The Committee reserves the right to request additional information if necessary. Closing date for receiving nominations is 1st November 2024. Nominations should be sent by post to Mary Place, Chairman of the International Katalin Forrai Award Committee, 11, Cotland Acres,Redhill, Surrey, RH1 6JZ or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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