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The revised study programme will be relaunched in autumn 2024.
Application deadline: to be announced in spring 2024.

IKC Advanced Level 1 (Stage 4) - Full programme

Stage 4
Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
Kecskemét, Hungary
Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
Start Date
July 17, 2023
End Date
July 21, 2024
Application deadline
April 25, 2023
Detailed Description

The advanced level of the training programme is intended for those who wish to endeepen their previous musical studies in a direction that has the potential to enrich their current and future musical activities through the more refined musical hearing, fluent sight-singing and inner musical hearing in the context of both tonal and atonal musical repertory as well as high-level and practice-oriented knowledge of music theory, harmony and form. The diversity of the musical repertoire gives a secure orientation in the diverse and rich world of musical styles both old and modern.

Full programme content:
INTENSIVE BOOSTER COURSE in Kecskemét - 17-28 July, 2023
- musicianship 1 / solfège - 1,5 hours (group lesson)
- musicianship 2 / harmony and form - 1,5 hours (min. 7 students in a class)
- choral singing - 1 hour daily (group lesson)
- choral conducting and repertory - 1 hour daily (group lesson)
- vocal training and ensemble singing - 1 hour daily (group lesson)
- piano technique - 1 hour daily (individual lesson)
- musicianship - group consultation for 2 hours weekly for 20 weeks
CLOSING EXAMINATION WORKSHOP in Kecskemét - 20-21 July, 2024
- musicianship (aural and written part in the framework of a workshop)

IKC Faculty include:
- Dr Renáta Darázs
- Dr Anna Fűri
- Dr Nóra Keresztes
- Dr János Klézli
- Katalin Körtvési
- Dr László Norbert Nemes
- Borbála Szirányi

Registration fee: 20 EUR (non-refundable)
Price of the full programme: 3000 EUR
This includes the tuition fees of the two-week booster course in Kecskemét, of the online tutoring in the following autumn and spring semesters, and the fee of the exam workshop in Kecskemét. About the possibility of paying in instalments, please contact us at 

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About IKC

Introduced in 2023, the International Kodály Musicianship Certificate Programme was initiated and elaborated by the staff of the widely-renowned Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Hungary with the aim of providing a diverse certification and training programme for music teachers and musicians alike. Offered in 6 levels, the programme is an unparalled opportunity to test and improve your musicianship skills and enhance your teaching repertory.
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