IKC General Level 1 (Stage 1) - Full programme

Stage 1
Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
Kecskemét, Hungary
Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
Start Date
July 17, 2023
End Date
July 14, 2024
Application deadline
April 17, 2023
Detailed Description

The curriculum of the first level of the International Musicianship Certificate Programme was compiled in such a way that the participants enrolled in the programme will be able to gain a broad insight into the process of singing-based musical hearing and skill development and will be able to receive truly versatile practical experiences.
In addition to Kodály's pedagogical compositions for unison- and part-singing, the musical material includes diverse folk music material and numerous examples of art music. Through these, the programme focuses on such areas of musical skill development as the foundation of reliable music reading through the selection of pentatonic and diatonic musical excerpts, polyphonic singing, development of musical memory, basic knowledge of music theory, basic knowledge of harmony and form, as well as the development of musical creative skills related to the musical styles discussed during the course.
The level of difficulty will be adjusted to the exam requirements, but it will take maximum account of the members of the study groups and the possible slight differences in regards to prior musical experience.  

Full programme content:
2-WEEK INTENSIVE BOOSTER COURSE in Kecskemét - 17-28 July, 2023: 
- musicianship - 2 hours daily
- choral singing - 1 hour daily
- choral conducting - 1 hour daily
- vocal training and ensemble singing - 1 hour daily
- musicianship - tutoring and consultation in small study groups for 2 hours/week for 20 weeks
25 September – 1 December 2023 (fall term) and 26 February – 4 May 2024 (spring term)
CLOSING EXAMINATION WORKSHOP in Kecskemét - 13-14 July, 2024 
- musicianship (aural and written part in a workshop setting) 

IKC Faculty include:
- Dr Renáta Darázs
- Dr Anna Fűri
- Dr Nóra Keresztes
- Dr János Klézli
- Katalin Körtvési
- Dr László Norbert Nemes
- Borbála Szirányi

Registration fee: 20 EUR (non-refundable)
Price of the full programme: 2000 EUR
This includes the tuition fees of the two-week booster course in Kecskemét, of the online tutoring in the following autumn and spring semesters, and the fee of the exam workshop in Kecskemét. About the possibility of paying in instalments, please contact us at office@kodaly.hu 

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